Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessments (IBSA)

The Index of Biodiversity Surveys for Assessments (IBSA) is the department’s online portal that provides an index of land-based biodiversity surveys in Western Australia, creating better environmental outcomes by maximising availability of biodiversity data.

About IBSA

The objective of IBSA is to capture and consolidate data contained in biodiversity survey reports to support assessments and compliance under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 (the EP Act) and to provide a platform to make the information publicly available.

The consolidation of biodiversity data in IBSA will deliver:

  • more efficient assessments for proponents
  • a broader decision-making base for regulators
  • an expanded knowledge base of WA’s flora and fauna
  • improved availability of environmental information for the community.

Further details are provided in our brochure.

What is the scope of IBSA?

Data associated with land-based biodiversity survey reports submitted to the Department of Water and Environmental Regulation, the Environmental Protection Authority and the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety under the EP Act is required to be submitted to IBSA.

This includes surveys conducted for significant and strategic proposals, schemes and scheme amendments, native vegetation clearing permits and works approvals and licences.

Data submitted to IBSA includes flora and vegetation, terrestrial fauna, subterranean fauna and terrestrial aquatic biodiversity surveys. Surveys in marine environments are not included in IBSA, and should instead be directed to the Index of Marine Surveys for Assessments (IMSA).

Submitting information to IBSA

Proponents are required to prepare IBSA data packages to accompany biodiversity survey reports during assessment and compliance processes.

An IBSA data package is to be submitted via the IBSA Submissions portal and consists of:

  • the survey report
  • a metadata and licencing statement (completed online)
  • spatially referenced data derived from the survey.

Once a complete IBSA data package has been uploaded, a receipt number will be provided. If the IBSA data package is incomplete, i.e. it does not include the information specified on the portal, the proponent/applicant will not be able to submit it. IBSA data packages with incomplete fields will need to be resubmitted once they have been revised.

The IBSA team will review the submitted IBSA data package in accordance with the IBSA instructions and templates. The submitter will be supplied with an IBSA number if the IBSA data package meet the requirements, otherwise they will be notified of the changes required.

Further details for IBSA Submissions are provided in our fact sheet.

To assist proponents in preparing IBSA data packages, instructions and templates are available on the Environmental Protection Authority’s website.

The portal and data packages are to be used in accordance with the IBSA disclaimer and the metadata and licensing statements associated with the individual data packages.

Further information

Further questions regarding IBSA and the portal can directed to the team at Queries related to supplying IBSA data packages for specific proposals and applications should be directed to the relevant agency assessing the submissions.