Container deposit scheme

Western Australia’s container deposit scheme, Containers for Change, will start on Tuesday, 2 June 2020.

Containers for Change allows consumers to take empty beverage containers covered by the scheme to a refund point to receive a refund of 10 cents.

The aim of the scheme is to

  • reduce litter and disposal of waste to landfill
  • increase recovery and recycling of empty containers
  • provide opportunities for employment and social enterprise participation.

The container deposit scheme (CDS) will be run by the scheme coordinator (a not-for-profit organisation). The scheme coordinator will be responsible for establishing the collection network, and managing its operation and transactions.

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How to register your interest in the container deposit scheme

A register of interest has been developed for organisations who want to participate in the collection network for the container deposit scheme. The register will help organisations to connect and create partnerships within the collection network including donation points, refund points, transport and processing facilities.

You can enter your organisation’s details in the online register and share the services you are offering and seeking.

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